“Passion, Creativity, Confidence, Beauty”

A life’s journey of a soul, a matured woman.
A woman, who has a past, breaths the present and looks to the future.
A woman who’s fuel is happiness, confidence and passion.

ZU is a brand, ZU is powerful, ZU is creative, ZU is everywhere, but most of all, Zu is a spirit, a person.

Born with an incredible passion for people, a beautiful vision on love, a spiritual take on life, but especially with an amazing love for feathers and petit jewelry.
I AM ZU stands for creative ideas with each a diverse approach and uniqueness, but always united in passion and love. Arzu finds the woman she is today,  peaceful and caring, beautiful both outside as inside. She lives for love and loves life.

Always learning more, living more and loving more, this special affection for jewelry and feathers started in early childhood where Arzu would find white feathers in and around the house, knowing they each answered a prayer, thought or wish. Her solid background she sees in colorful pictures, where one special person is captured on every film. Her best friend, her co traveller in life, her solid rock, thought her to always pursue her dreams and aspirations. Arzu’s mom transformed little ZU into I AM ZU.

I AM ZU tells a story. We all have to work together to make a difference. It doesn’t matter what your passion or dream is in life, you can make everything happen if you just believe, work hard and never say never. We have to join forces with others to create more, to do more, to love more. We are all unique, we all have a difference voice, but we are all one and with each other we have a stronger voice and we can make greater things happen.

Embrace each other. Embrace power. Embrace life.